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Foshan Jielang Lighting Co., Ltd.It is located in Guangdong province Foshan City Nanhai Luocun new light industrial base, is a professional production and development of LED lamps (LED ceiling lamp, LED lamp, LED lamp and LED light source) and traditional commercial lighting, office lighting, outdoor lighting lamp enterprises. The company was first founded in 1996, has many years of lighting production experience, and firmly grasp the domestic and international lighting lighting market trends, innovation, and create new styles, high-quality lamps and lanterns.

     Jielang people firmly believe that: quality is the basis for survival, innovation is the development direction, unremittingly “ Cheng ” “ ” management over the years, depends on the trust and support of all parties, we will achieve today's achievement, in the future we will be more efforts to expand the introduction of advanced technology, design with the technology, to innovation in manufacturing a variety of lighting fixtures. Jielang people will continue to use the advanced technology of mold development, develop new products, try our best to create a better tomorrow!

Foshan Jielang Lighting Co., Ltd.

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